Changgeeee is a brand under the Oldpine Resource;The Oldpine Resource has a clear mission to provide solutions for everyday lifestyle.Changgeeee is the first change management and settlement solution designed to balance change trade deficit issues by capturing,securing and transfering cash balance from one transaction point to another. Our strenght lies in Accessibilty,Speed,Reliabilty and Confidence of our solution and the opportunity it creates. We are also excited at the thought that no transaction/purchase order will be declined due to change issues;this will ensure that more sales activities can occur especially amongst the SME and roadside businesses.We are very excited!. We also provide physical Cash change management and POS to Cash for small amounts below ₦5000

About Us

How it works

As a first time user,simply visit any participating store and signup;carry out you transaction and if you have any cash balance simply store in your changgeeee account and move on.You can use the same change anywhere you see the changgeeee sign available. Registered users can make transactions and use changgeeee balance at any participating stores.All customers will receive account balance at the point of transaction.

Our services


We encourage partnership that creates more penetration.We are focused on signing up stores,buses,small businesses and everybody making cash transactions. You can help sign up stores and other transaction points and earn commission on all transactions that occour in that store or Chains of stores Mon-Sun and even while you sleep, for life.Yes for life!!!.Mail info@changgeeee.com now!.

Sign up:

Stores:Stores can simply request to be signed up by mailing Customercare@changgeeee.com and get signed up in 1 minutes.Stores will recieve login details via store mail box.Stores also have ability to signup first time users. Individuals:You can signup easily by visiting any participating stores and get signed up in 30 seconds or signed up by any of our Agents Nationwide.

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  • Call Centre : 014642250
  • Whatsapp : 08127908008
  • 123 Fourth Avenue,
  • lacinia eros 98104,
  • New Jersey,
  • United States.